Private New York City Bridge, Boat, and Below Tour

Full-Day New York City Tour...

The Details:

Group Size

We are limited to 10 travelers. (Current Covid-19 regulations limits group size.)


$450 for the first person in the party, $20/per additional person

Full Day Walking Tour

From spectacular skylines to crowded subways to our magnificent bridges, this is the quintessential New York City experience. 

New York City is a collection of islands connected via Bridges, Boats, and Subway. This tour will give you a unique perspective on the city as we travel through the day utilizing ferries, subways, and the fabled Brooklyn Bridge. 

NYC’s story begins with boats.  Ferry Boats were an integral part of the city’s development, connecting what would become the 5 boroughs of the city.  Bridges came next, providing an easier and faster connection.  And finally the subway, with the speed of underground travel.   New York would not be the city it is today without all three of these developments.   And on this tour, you will experience them all as we journey to several different boroughs. 

The ferry rides will provide some of the best views of our classic skyline and harbor.  The subway will save us time as we jump to different areas of the city. And with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll be participating in a NYC ritual that dates back to 1883.

And this tour also gives you some bragging rites as most visitors never see more than Manhattan.  With this tour, you’ll have been to at least 3 of our 5 boroughs.  And this can be customized to include all of them if you so desire.

By the end of the day, you’ll feel a little more connected to this formidably welcoming city. 


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